The Malawi disability ministry is providing care at a deeper level

On the day Hilda was born, life changed for the Nanseta family.

Sekanao and her husband, like most Malawians, survived on a small income. They were already working hard to provide for their three small children who were all healthy, but Hilda had been born with a disability which made things more difficult.

Without much support from their extended family, and suspicious glances from community members, Sekanao and her husband quickly became discouraged and isolated.

Nutrition program participants

Nutrition program and disability ministry participants: Sekanao and Hilda (left) and Annie and Dorica (right).

Then one day, a disability ministry volunteer arrived at the village where the Nanseta family lived. The volunteer introduced Sekanao and Hilda to the disability ministry, started physical care for Hilda, and got them both involved with the newest element of the ministry—the nutrition program.

The nutrition program is aimed at teaching caretakers affordable ways to improve the nutritional value of common dishes, the basic food groups, and it encourages participants to form support groups. Programs like this that go beyond basic disability care are possible thanks to the investment of local volunteers who are always looking for ways to better serve the varied needs of families with disabled children.

The nutrition program is aimed at teaching caretakers affordable ways to improve the nutritional value of common dishes.

Sekanao spoke very highly of this new program and told us she has been learning new things that have changed the way she cooks for her family. Sekanao also joined a support group which is growing tomatoes in a garden together. She is grateful for her support group and enjoys being able to talk with other mothers of disabled children.

With the help of the disability ministry and improved nutrition, Hilda has been growing stronger and healthier. The rest of the Nanseta family is also experiencing blessings as they grow stronger physically and spiritually. They regularly attend a Christian church in their area, but we pray they join us for Worship at the Cross services soon.

God is doing exciting things for the disability ministry as it grows, and we are thankful God is blessing the people of Malawi through Kingdom Workers as the program continues addressing the needs of Malawi's most vulnerable.

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