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Racing to bring healing to Cynthia

In a dark room, Cynthia sat alone. Suddenly, kind voices broke the silence. The door opened, and light washed over Cynthia as people with warm smiles said hello. They were welcoming and unafraid of her. In that moment, Cynthia felt the emptiness in her heart begin to break apart as love entered in.

Cynthia was diagnosed with epilepsy in Malawi where disabilities are commonly seen as contagious or a curse. This meant Cynthia grew up in an unaccepting community. When Kingdom Workers showed up on their bikes, they brought the healing and accepting community of Christ to Cynthia...

It’s time to repair the roof.

Entering people’s homes teaches you a lot about them. From treasured heirlooms and pictures of smiling family members to holes punched in walls and newspapers stuffed around doors, our homes reflect our best hopes and sometimes our worst struggles.

For the past three years, some of our most meaningful work with families on the White Mountain Apache reservation has started in their homes. During the first two years, Kingdom Workers coordinated local and visiting volunteers to provide labor for complete Apache home renovations...

How a water system transformed Mari’s life

Every morning Mari would wake up long before the sun rose so she could collect water for her family. Her bare feet quickly became damp with the morning dew as she made her way along the well-worn path to the spring. The empty water jugs bounced against Mari’s back as she took a deep breath of the fresh jungle air that smelled of fire smoke and cinnamon...

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