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The Lord has brought many blessings to Kingdom Workers over the past 30 plus years. As we celebrate all that has happened during this time, I find myself reflecting on some of my own experiences while serving people through mission work. What I experienced and learned while serving with Kingdom Workers in Malawi still has an impact on me to this day.

One morning, I had two church leaders ask me if it was ok to use leaves from a witch doctor to protect their fields from thieves. In short, food supplies were low that year and people were desperate to find ways to protect what little they had. I saw firsthand what can happen when the devil uses threats to people’s physical well-being to diminish their trust in Jesus.

Gospel testimony and human care are interwoven in order to create lasting, fulfilling change in someone’s life.

The connection between our faith lives and our daily challenges is undeniable. On that day in Malawi, the devil used desperate hunger to shake the faith of these otherwise spiritually mature and educated men. People who need to hear the gospel also need food, water, and shelter. Sharing the forgiveness of Jesus without also recognizing people’s needs can open the door for temptation to creep in.

This is true no matter what the context. When providing care to people in perpetual crisis, solutions that focus only on sharing the gospel or only providing aid are often temporary. This is because living in such circumstances can cause a person to feel ignored, helpless, and hopeless.  When a person knows, believes, and is reminded that Jesus calls us valuable and that He took our place, the sense of hopelessness starts to fade. As the Holy Spirit uses the gospel to fill the gap of hopelessness, people feel motivated to work towards meeting their earthly needs.

Bill began working with Kingdom Workers in 1997 as a long-term mission worker. He spent a year in Zambia, Africa continuing the work that the original lay couple had started back in 1989 before later moving to Malawi. In his many letters home, Bill talked about his daily life in Zambia and getting to witness the work of the Holy Spirit. Having this kind of first-hand experience as an overseas, long-term mission worker gives him a unique perspective on the present and future potential of Kingdom Workers.


In light of this, our programs seek to partner with local people to share the gospel and create sustainable solutions to people’s daily challenges. As the gospel message takes root in people’s hearts, and things like food fill people’s hands, hope and joy are restored. People begin to see opportunities to serve God and to help their neighbors.

The connection between faith life and daily life is undeniable. As we strengthen the efforts and outreach of our programs, people’s lives are changed holistically. Please join us as we share Jesus’ radical forgiveness united with unmistakable acts of Christian love!


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