3 ways the Global Gathering changed our lives

Thanks to surveys and questionnaires, we were able to measure how much of an impact the Global Gathering had on the lives of all attendees. This also helped us see how well the event achieved a set of goals. In today’s blog I’ll be looking at three of those goals to explore the impact and look at how, as an organization, we are excited for what the future holds. 

Conversations with the CEO: Bill & Rhoda

Organizational development is a complex topic. If a company has a good organizational structure, then people within the organization understand their role and how it fits into the bigger picture. A solid structure also means that employees feel supported and encouraged to grow while working. And for a Christian non-profit, it also means that people are spiritually fulfilled. In today's conversation with the CEO, Bill Meier sits down with Dr. Rhoda Wolle, Vice President of Organizational Development here at Kingdom Workers. The following is based on their conversation and has been edited down for clarity. You can watch their full conversation here.   Bill: We'll start with the basics. Rhoda, where are you from and how did you get connected to Kingdom Workers originally? Rhoda: It's been a long road. I grew up in Tempe, Arizona just outside of Phoenix. Went to Emmanuel Tempe and Arizona Lutheran Academy and then onto college. Eventually went back to college again to be a teacher. Then I wound...

A Siblings Journey Toward Healing

By the time Tabia was born, the damage to her brother Kennedy’s body was permanent. At just three years old, he contracted polio and lost the use of his legs. Polio vaccines weren’t widely available in Malawi where Kennedy and Tabia were born in the 1960’s. This left children like Kennedy susceptible to the devastating neurological effects of the virus, and the social prejudices that existed against people with disabilities.

Training that enables change

Adi Nafamnanu faced the camera, excitement and determination sparkling in his eyes. As he spoke, his hands lifted to his chest, “Kingdom Workers is so special in our hearts, they were really helpful to us. They have brought good changes to our village.”

Change like the clean water tanks Kingdom Workers had recently helped his community build. Adi was eager to continue that work in Niki Niki, Indonesia, where he lives, and that was possible through the recent Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training held in SoE in late March.

More Than Stories

Today, in honor of World Refugee Day, we are sharing a select number of stories about the refugee experience. These have been chosen by Alicia Cortright, South Sudan Field Manager, and Daya Batim Moses, South Sudan Field Coordinator. Some of the books are best to read with your young child, and others are ones best saved for adults. 

There are 45 items on 9 pages.