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What happens after I make my gift?

You’ve hit the donate button. And as technology works on the backend to process your gift, perhaps you’re wondering, “What happens next?”

Or maybe you’re reading this wondering, “If I decide to make a gift to Kingdom Workers, how can I know that my gift is going to make a real difference?”

Whatever your reasoning for clicking on this blog, I’m glad you’re here.

Conversations with the CEO: Bill & Patty

These days it is common for people to move from one job to the next every few years. So when someone spends an extended amount of time, over 20 years, working at the same company it says a lot about the joy and passion the individual has for their work. It also says a lot about the organization where the person chooses to work. 

In this most recent Conversation with the CEO, Bill Meier talked with Patty Eagon, Advancement Services Manager, about what it’s been like to work at Kingdom Workers for over 20 years and what she loves most about her work. 

Peridot, Becoming a City on a Hill

Every season has its unique sight, sounds, and smells. In Wisconsin cooler weather and pumpkin pie mean fall. The smell of sunscreen and lake water mean summer is here. For teachers, it’s the sound of children filling the hallways on the first day of school that ushers in the start to another year.

And while most teachers begin that first day of school with a drive to work, teachers at Our Savior’s Lutheran in Peridot, Arizona have a much shorter commute. Just a short walk up the hill. This is because working in Peridot means living on campus. Seventh and eighth grade teacher Chris Mundstock explains why, “Because we are guests on the Apache reservation, we are not able to live anywhere else but here on campus.”

3 ways the Global Gathering changed our lives

Thanks to surveys and questionnaires, we were able to measure how much of an impact the Global Gathering had on the lives of all attendees. This also helped us see how well the event achieved a set of goals. In today’s blog I’ll be looking at three of those goals to explore the impact and look at how, as an organization, we are excited for what the future holds. 

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