Malawi Cyclone Emergency Relief Efforts

When Cyclone Freddy hit Malawi, our staff rapidly pivoted to do their part and help with the immediate needs of our Kingdom Workers volunteers as well as the communities we serve. Some areas are completely inaccessible due to damaged roads, making disaster relief efforts and connecting with our partners especially challenging. With thousands without power, contaminated water, and a rising death toll, we're quickly working to reach nearly 1,500 volunteers and individuals in our WASH and disability programs to provide aid.

Does research really matter?

The last time I did anything research related was back in college. This was the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw the word research recently. 

Afterall, research to me was this scary thing that involved hours of time, data analysis, numbers, and worst of all—math. (I know math is important, but the last math class I took was in 2013.)

You could say I was happy using and expanding the right side of my brain with creative writing. 

But then I heard something that shifted my entire perspective on what research really is. 

What happens after I make my gift?

You’ve hit the donate button. And as technology works on the backend to process your gift, perhaps you’re wondering, “What happens next?”

Or maybe you’re reading this wondering, “If I decide to make a gift to Kingdom Workers, how can I know that my gift is going to make a real difference?”

Whatever your reasoning for clicking on this blog, I’m glad you’re here.

Conversations with the CEO: Bill & Patty

These days it is common for people to move from one job to the next every few years. So when someone spends an extended amount of time, over 20 years, working at the same company it says a lot about the joy and passion the individual has for their work. It also says a lot about the organization where the person chooses to work. 

In this most recent Conversation with the CEO, Bill Meier talked with Patty Eagon, Advancement Services Manager, about what it’s been like to work at Kingdom Workers for over 20 years and what she loves most about her work. 

There are 37 items on 8 pages.