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Dear Builders For Christ

Our programs are possible thanks to our volunteers. When someone gives up their time to serve, it impacts people and changes lives. It creates opportunities to share the gospel and connects communities to Jesus.

Builders For Christ is our longest-running program at Kingdom Workers. I am always impressed by the dedication, selflessness, and passion these volunteers have for doing the work of God’s kingdom here on earth. Earlier this year, we received the following letter from one such volunteer. Michael’s joy in serving and gratitude to fellow volunteers is so evident, so we decided to share his letter with you in full.

Remaining Resilient

People are starting to gather again on the Apache Reservation.

When the pandemic hit, it was a scary time. People stopped visiting, families were told to stay apart. We couldn’t have our family dinners. It was such a change because the environment on the reservation is so tight-knit. Being in community is the one thing that drives most people here; we need that togetherness. But we had to embrace isolation for the safety of our loved ones.

Why I'm thankful for a humble bar of soap

13,000 kilometers, over 8,000 miles. That is the distance separating me in Vancouver, Canada from my colleagues, friends, and volunteers in South Sudan.

As you can imagine, having a “commute” this long comes with unique challenges. There are long stretches of time when I don’t hear from anyone in the field because of network issues, broken phones, or busy schedules. When I do hear news, the stories I receive are often updates or general statements. When I ask people for stories about how the Holy Spirit is at work, I usually receive something like, “People are coming to church and our congregations are thankful for this partnership with Kingdom Workers.”

A Legacy Built on Water

Every October in Wisconsin, something AMAZING happens. The humid, thick air of summer shifts to a crisp, cool, northern breeze. Trees exchange their green leaves for more seasonally-appropriate yellows, oranges, and reds. Everywhere you look, a pumpkin-flavored coffee drink is available for a limited time only.

But halfway around the world, it’s a different story.

Vivana's story

Viviana never truly felt connected to God. That began to change when she attended a Kingdom Workers Wellness Circle support group.

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