3 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Money

Today I want to share three things you can do to have an appropriate relationship with money. 

These things are not my own ideas, they are straight from God. And if you follow them, especially as a young person, I’m certain you’ll live a life that makes your non-Christian friends curious. 

Because in a world that obsesses over wealth and possessions, a person filled with God’s wisdom is like a breath of fresh air. 

Sharing the gospel in the 21st century part 2

In the previous blog, we discovered how to use God's gifts of serving, teaching, and encouraging to share the gospel. But what about the next three gifts—giving, leading, and showing mercy? Those gifts only apply to wealthy, influential people. Right? Well, not quite...

Sharing the gospel in the 21st century part 1

Some days I wonder if I am doing enough with my life to share the gospel.

Are my conversations with my best friend about a new book preparing me to share my faith? Do my weekend plans to walk around Target looking at home decor items measure up to what God is calling me to do? Should I be hanging out with family when there are people around the world who don’t know Jesus?

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