Kingdom Workers Sustain: The Power of Monthly Giving

Have you ever subscribed to something and then forgotten about it? I know I have, more times than I care to admit. In today's subscription culture, it's not uncommon to have recurring payments set up for everything from streaming services to meal kits to gym memberships. These subscriptions offer convenience, cost savings, and access to services or products we value. But what if your monthly subscription could also make a meaningful difference in people's lives?

What happens after I make my gift?

You’ve hit the donate button. And as technology works on the backend to process your gift, perhaps you’re wondering, “What happens next?”

Or maybe you’re reading this wondering, “If I decide to make a gift to Kingdom Workers, how can I know that my gift is going to make a real difference?”

Whatever your reasoning for clicking on this blog, I’m glad you’re here.

3 reasons why we love Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. It’s nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And while those days offer great deals and opportunities to “treat yourself,” Giving Tuesday is a day when credit card swipes and cash payments go towards a larger purpose—supporting the life-changing work of nonprofits like Kingdom Workers.

Which leads me to the first thing we love about Giving Tuesday here at Kingdom Workers...

How to Find Your Nonprofit Match

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are 1.5 million charities, nonprofits, private foundations, etc. in the United States. There’s no shortage of organizations that are supporting the causes you care about.

But how do you decide who to support? How do you find your perfect nonprofit match? And for those of us who are Christian—how do you know if a nonprofit is really working to share the gospel message?

3 Ways I Knew I Was Ready to Give

Giving isn’t meant to be complicated.

But it often feels that way. Especially when money is tight.

I used to think, “There’s no way I can give right now. I’m not ready. It’s great that the one older woman in the Bible was strong enough to give everything she had. But I don’t think God wants me to be without housing or food at 22 because of how much I am giving.”

So, I didn’t give.  

Later I realized my idea of giving was all wrong.

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