Empowered by You: One Volunteer's Path to Higher Learning

In the peaceful northern region of Timor, Indonesia, the future can often feel predetermined for young women like Sandi. Many may marry early, working as domestic helpers or farmers just like their parents did. However, if we look back in time and ask Sandi about her dreams during her early high school years, her answers may surprise us.

More Than Stories

Today, in honor of World Refugee Day, we are sharing a select number of stories about the refugee experience. These have been chosen by Alicia Cortright, South Sudan Field Manager, and Daya Batim Moses, South Sudan Field Coordinator. Some of the books are best to read with your young child, and others are ones best saved for adults. 

Strength Amid Scarcity

When we arrived at Kakuma refugee camp in northern Kenya, all we could see was row after row of tiny houses. Over the past three decades, war, famine, and natural disasters have uprooted more than 200,000 people and forced them to relocate here, to a wind-swept desert, a place that means “nowhere” in the native language.

A New Way of Looking at Our Work in Nigeria

Recently, we were fortunate to connect with a local photographer named Emediong. Here are some of the photos he has been able to capture and share with us. We love being able to share these new photos with you and we hope that you enjoy seeing these new photos. 

Posted by Emediong on 27 February 2022

Why I'm thankful for a humble bar of soap

13,000 kilometers, over 8,000 miles. That is the distance separating me in Vancouver, Canada from my colleagues, friends, and volunteers in South Sudan.

As you can imagine, having a “commute” this long comes with unique challenges. There are long stretches of time when I don’t hear from anyone in the field because of network issues, broken phones, or busy schedules. When I do hear news, the stories I receive are often updates or general statements. When I ask people for stories about how the Holy Spirit is at work, I usually receive something like, “People are coming to church and our congregations are thankful for this partnership with Kingdom Workers.”

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