Wet Head and Wet Cheeks - Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

As we celebrate Disability Awareness Month, I am reminded of a heartwarming story that encapsulates the essence of our mission at Kingdom Workers. This story, titled "Wet head and wet cheeks," told by Pastor Michael D. Zarling of Water of Life Lutheran Church beautifully illustrates how Jesus Cares touches lives.

Matthew's Story: Keys to Unity

During a recent visit to Worship at the Cross, a tailored church service for those with disabilities, I was drawn in by the confident and measured chords of the hymn. The pianist was Matthew, a wonderful example of a Jesus Cares participant sharing their God-given talents in order for the gospel to be a light to others.

Could it be that simple?

It happened during lunch. This May our Disability Care ministry in Malawi was hosting a speech and language training led by visiting volunteers Kara and Rebecca. Suddenly, three children started coughing. That might not seem like a big deal at first, but, “If you don’t have a base of medical knowledge, you may not know that coughing means a child could be choking on food,” explained Kara. “It could be going down into their lungs.”

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