The Water Crisis in Timor, Indonesia

It might be blamed on El Nino or a lack of infrastructure, but the reality remains for many people living in Timor and its remote villages: there is a drought happening and lives are being affected.

The Widow of Tunua

In the Indonesian village of Tunua, there lives a widow named Ibu Eny. Despite her four grown children not living nearby, she remains close to her local Lutheran Church. Ibu Eny is a woman of strong faith who enjoys attending church services and participating in various activities with her church family.

An empowering resource

Spring is just around the corner, and, with any season, it has its blessings—the chill of winter fades, new life begins, and we look forward to celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior. For those in Indonesia, it brings respite from the rainy season, when flooding or landslides, make many roads impassable and put homes at risk for damage. However, spring in Indonesia brings its own problems, especially in rural villages.

Training that enables change

Adi Nafamnanu faced the camera, excitement and determination sparkling in his eyes. As he spoke, his hands lifted to his chest, “Kingdom Workers is so special in our hearts, they were really helpful to us. They have brought good changes to our village.”

Change like the clean water tanks Kingdom Workers had recently helped his community build. Adi was eager to continue that work in Niki Niki, Indonesia, where he lives, and that was possible through the recent Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training held in SoE in late March.

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