Water & Sanitation

In rural Indonesia, finding and obtaining water often means spending valuable time walking several miles while carrying heavy containers. When people have access to clean water, it not only gives them back their time, it increases their overall health and well-being. Combining that with gospel-centered devotions and education on water storage and best sanitation practices shows people that God is not only the healer of our bodies but also the healer of our souls.


1,060+ people served


310+ local volunteers

Our work in Indonesia

In rural Indonesia, we work with local communities to discover and create sustainable solutions that bring clean water, improved sanitation practices, and the gospel to even more people.

“The water program brings a lot of benefits and it blesses many people. When people see things like this, they see the goodness of God through the blessings they receive.”


Local Volunteer

How it works

Partner with local Lutheran churches

Understanding the unique needs of a village requires a certain amount of trust. Our partnerships with the local Lutheran churches open the door for conversations that build friendships and allow real discussions to take place. By listening to the local leaders, we evaluate how best to meet people’s earthly and spiritual needs together. And by using resources readily available in their community or in the nearest town, we are able to co-construct water and sanitation solutions that are replicable and sustainable.


Partner with the community

Working alongside community members allows us to ensure that proper health and sanitation practices are well understood and able to be followed. Clean water storage and sanitation only work if people understand the value and purpose of having such tools and practices. By bringing in visiting volunteers to educate the community, we are able to demonstrate the need for maintaining proper sanitation, show people how they can keep these practices going in their homes, and also provide them with the training needed to maintain and repair their new water and sanitation solutions.

Mari's story

Every morning Mari would wake up long before the sun rose so she could collect water for her family. Her days were spent collecting water, dropping it off at home, and going back to collect more. But then her community built a water and sanitation system, and all of that changed.  READ MORE

It starts with you

Volunteer in Indonesia and bring someone the living water found in Jesus.