English as a Second Language (ESL)

In Mito, Japan, English as a Second Language classes (ESL) are attracting people who normally wouldn’t step foot in a church. These classes combine English language instruction with biblical stories and devotions. With only 1.5% of the population of Japan identifying as Christian, this program is key to introducing people to Jesus in a non-threatening and welcoming way.

Meaningful service

15 English lessons offered each week

Gospel proclamation

Every English lesson includes a Bible study

Real connections

72 students currently in classes

"The English classes seem to be the only way to keep God's word in Kyogo's life."

Sam Brandt

Japan Program Manager

How it works

Partner with the local church 

One of the main challenges to introducing people to Jesus in Japan is getting people to physically enter into a church building. By hosting English language classes at the local church in Mito, participants not only receive a valuable skill but also overcome their fears or uncertainties about entering a church building. 


Continue to unveil the mystery of Christianity

Many Japanese people do not understand or know much about Christianity. Those who want to openly convert to Christianity often face discrimination and can even be shunned by family members. By hosting various events at the church and working to integrate a Christian lifestyle into local society, it is possible to break down the barriers separating people from the knowledge of Jesus. 

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