Child & Classroom Development

Libraries installed in village schools are bringing to life a passion for reading and the chance to encounter the love of Jesus. By training teachers and providing libraries and community reading time, children and their families are able to practice reading and independently learn about their loving Savior in a safe environment. By combining reading lessons with the message of the gospel, this program is giving children the chance at a better life here on earth through improved literacy.


170+ people served


70+ local volunteers

"It's a huge blessing because before we didn't have too many books about Jesus. Now we have many more books about Jesus to share with the children.”


Local teacher in a village school

“Imagine the doors being opened to these children through such a program!”

Coral Cady

Southeast Asia Program Manager

How it works

Partner with teachers

For students to receive the best education possible they need teachers who not only have access to adequate curricula but also understand the best ways to teach it. Visiting volunteers bring training to teachers in rural Indonesia to ensure that the children have the best possible chance at learning reading, math, and science skills. 


Partner with schools

It isn't enough to simply bring better training to the teachers in rural Indonesia. By partnering with schools we are able to assess their specific needs and supply them with appropriate materials so their students can be successful during the school year. When students have access to quality lessons taught by well-trained teachers they have will more opportunities available to them in the future. 

It starts with you

Volunteer today to connect a child with Jesus through reading.