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Build Up: Mentoring Teens in Trades

Volunteers with a background in construction and/or the trades work with teenagers to teach basic, but highly useful, construction skills. As volunteers and teens work together on a construction project, mentoring takes place, a sense of accomplishment is developed, and conversations about Jesus are woven into the work day. 

Program goals

Teach new skills

Teens learn basic home building and repair skills.

Strong mentors

Teens receive mentoring by Christian construction experts.

Lives are changed

Mentors share the love of Jesus with the teens

"This has been a great chance to share my skills with the kids and has been a wonderful experience. They are so willing to learn.”

Peter B.


Watch this program in action

How it works

Partner with individuals in the construction field 

There are many Christian men and women with a background in construction looking for ways to serve and mentor the next generation. This program gives these individuals a chance to volunteer their time and pass on their skills to teenagers.


Connect teenagers with Christian mentors 

Teenagers with an interest in learning construction skills are connected with a Christian mentor on each project site. Through the hands-on building lessons and devotions, teens are able to gain valuable trade skills and connect with Christian leaders. Currently, program participants are coming from Kingdom Prep Lutheran, Rawhide, and Lighthouse Youth Center


Build stronger communities

Projects are completed on existing residences, so as volunteers and teenagers work together, the community takes notice. By working on real homes and restoring them, this program helps give a morale boost to individuals and whole neighborhoods. 

Volunteer to be a Project Manager

Change the future for young people by teaching them valuable trade skills.

If you have a background in construction and a passion for helping the next generation, sign up to lead a project.