Our History

Kingdom Workers is what happens when the Christ-centered boldness of a few is met with the Spirit-guided, committed passion of many.

Since its beginning in 1986, Kingdom Workers has been an organization that partners with bold believers to share the message of Christ.

Some of the first projects associated with Kingdom Workers were the Mormon Outreach Ministry in Idaho, Northside Lutheran Ministry, and a couple serving in Zambia, Africa at the Mwembezhi mission station. By 2011, Kingdom Workers had funded approximately 300 mission projects.

In 2012, we saw the opportunity to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities around the world, so we deployed our first program manager with this purpose in mind.

Today, the scope of what is being accomplished is different than it was 30 years ago, but the mission of Kingdom Workers is still the same. Thanks to the original boldness of a few and the continued committed support of many, Christ’s love is reaching into places all over the globe.

Jim Haag, one of our founders, reflects on how it all started back in 1986.

“It is quite interesting, looking back on it…the opportunities and God's hand in it all,” Jim Haag noted with a smile. Jim co-founded Kingdom Workers with Bob Grebe over 30 years ago, although he is quick to note, “It’s not that Kingdom Workers happened because of Bob Grebe and Jim Haag, but that he and I happened to have the opportunity to be involved.”

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