About Us

Glorifying God through lasting change.

We are a global, Christian nonprofit that mobilizes believers to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities around the world.

Our Mission Statement

Kingdom Workers spreads the gospel by mobilizing Christians in locally sustainable mission work, addressing the physical and spiritual needs of communities worldwide.

We model our work on Jesus’ ministry.

And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people. – Matthew 4:23

Everywhere Jesus went, he healed bodily illnesses and afflictions. At the same time, he forgave their sins and shared the message of hope with them. By caring for the physical and spiritual needs of a person, they experienced true and lasting healing.

The Kingdom Workers Promise

Christian Welfare

Everywhere we go, we work to meet the human needs of the people we serve.

Gospel Proclamation

Seek the lost and always testify and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Meaningful Local Relationships

Rely on the local community and local lay-leadership as the primary participants and owners of the ministry.

Christian Welfare

We innovate solutions to real problems as a demonstration of God’s radical love and grace.

People dying from lack of access to clean water. Children hidden away because they were born with a disability. Communities lacking access to proper sanitation solutions. These are real issues faced by real people around the world.

We’ve learned to assume we don’t have all the answers. We like to ask, “What makes you lose sleep at night?” This question always connects us to real needs such as food security, access to water, health, nutrition, and more. That’s why each of our programs work alongside and with local community members because only they know what issues they face.

Gospel Proclamation

The gospel is for everyone. And it’s an urgent need. That’s why we equip and train our staff and volunteers around the world about how to share the good news of Jesus. By holistically addressing a person’s physical and spiritual needs, they begin to see themselves in a new light—a new story made possible by the freedom and salvation that only comes through Christ. We know that all we can do is plant the seed and God will make it grow. So when we speak about lasting change, we’re talking about an eternal impact that brings glory to God.

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Meaningful Local Relationships

We mobilize and embolden believers to strategically activate their skills.

We organize, train, and deploy believers across a wide variety of gifts and skillsets to meet the physical and spiritual needs of their community. When we discover a need, we mobilize their own local resources and supplement them by recruiting the specific talents that are needed to create the solutions and build the systems most needed there. By listening well, trusting local leaders, and emboldening local believers, we are able to co-innovate solutions that result in true and lasting healing.

Explore Our Ministries

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Clean Water

Connecting communities to sustainable water solutions and the water of life.

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Building better futures with a solid foundation in Christ

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Disability Care

Practical solutions for people with disabilities and their caregivers while welcoming them into God’s family of believers.

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Family & Social Support

Uplifting families and individuals so they can experience the fullness of God’s grace and love.


Health & Sanitation

Addressing people’s basic health needs while sharing the healing power of the gospel.

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