Our Story

We are willing to do whatever it takes

Our Story

We are willing to do whatever it takes to help communities encounter and know Christ.

In Mark 2, a group of bold believers lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof of a building so he could meet Jesus. Their friend experienced physical and spiritual healing that sparked change in an entire community. We see ourselves in that story.

We mobilize and embolden believers to strategically activate their skills.

We prepare, organize, and deploy believers across a wide variety of gifts and skill sets to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities around the world. When we discover the needs of a community, we mobilize their own local resources and supplement them by recruiting the specific talents that are needed to create the solutions and build the systems most needed there.

We advance the gospel by partnering with local churches and their communities to discover and overcome their greatest obstacles together.

Our Lutheran heritage gives us strong relationships with church communities around the world, including in the United States. We’re serving communities of real people, real faces, and real needs. In partnership with our global Lutheran network, we work alongside people in those communities because they know best what’s needed most deeply. By listening to local leaders and accessing our combined knowledge, wisdom, and resources as the body of Christ, we’re able to co-innovate solutions to very real problems.

Our aim is physical and spiritual healing for the people we serve, which results in lasting change that glorifies God.

At Kingdom Workers, we know that each initiative and every relationship is an opportunity to introduce people to Jesus. In scripture, we see many encounters with Jesus where He causes both physical and spiritual healing. Sometimes it’s the physical healing that comes first and sometimes it’s spiritual, but they are connected. Whatever the need is, physical healing is just the beginning. So when we speak about lasting change, we’re talking about an eternal impact that brings glory to God.

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