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When you donate to Kingdom Workers, you are helping people encounter a better life here on earth and a brighter future with their Father in heaven.

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At Kingdom Workers, we are willing to do whatever it takes to connect communities to Christ.

We demonstrate and proclaim the gospel by partnering with local churches and their communities to discover and overcome their greatest obstacles together. We believe we are called as believers to see restorative potential where others may not and, being led by the Spirit, to do something about it together.

Ministry to People with Disabilities

In Malawi, where people with disabilities are often ostracized, a church group working within their community sends a powerful message of God’s love.

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“I love the work this organization does! Helping with physical needs while also sharing the spiritual ones!”

Rebecca J.


“The stories of the lives changed and souls won for Jesus through the work of Kingdom Workers is a strong motivation to support this ministry.”

Joel Z.


“There is an urgent need to help the less fortunate and this is an excellent way to reflect Christ’s love for others.”

Gloria S.


“So many people live with so little yet possess such happiness, life, and faith. It was a great opportunity for me.”

- Abigail Polzin

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God created each of us to play a specific role in furthering His kingdom here on earth. When you volunteer and share your faith with others, you are introducing them to the idea of a new life story with God.

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